Put Your Marketing On Autopilot


Do you feel that you're spending too much time attending events to bring new clients to your business? 

Our brick and mortar spa business has been up and running for a decade, treating more than 300 clients every month, and with almost no money spent in marketing (we do have a tiny budget for printing material and website hosting). 

But we don't go to events, we don't network, we don't have staff standing at fairs. We do digital marketing! With the right strategy, you can cast a wider net, and in much less time. Today, I'm sharing the exact steps I take every month to bring repeat customers, and attract new ones!

Watch me behind the scenes of my spa business, as I created an entire month of marketing in just 2 hours. 

This is something you can implement easily and try in your own business, and with no budget!
In this 6-minute video,  I show you my marketing process in a 4-step formula, and I will use the free tools Mailchimp, Canva, Pinterest, and Hello Bar. 


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