The Must-Have Tech Tools To Grow Your Wellness Biz

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The tools I'm sharing with you today, can help you grow, and streamline your business by achieving one or all of these: 

  • Work smarter and gain more time, and freedom.

  • Less mistakes, more peace of mind.

  • Sell more and increase your revenue.

  • Grow your client database.

They are the exact tools I've been using for my spa business for years.


An online booking system. Since we set this up, our clients can book their service and buy gift certificates online 24/7. However the price is steep and keeps increasing every year without really adding new features. If your budget is tight, I recommend MIO SALON. Their price is adjusted to the size of your business. After analysis, I’m seriously considering switching to this company, the only thing that is holding me back is that once you start with one system, switching becomes very difficult not only for you but for your clients.


Our spa's website is built using Shopify. I find that Shopify is the best website builder in terms of user-friendliness and interface functionalities. The support is always good and they offer a 2-week trial period. There are so many companies offering similar services out there and I tried most of them. And all things considered, if you are a beginner and you want an easy setup, Shopify is your best bet. There is a big learning curve for Wordpress and maintaining it is such a hassle so please, just avoid that!  Check-out Shopify


I have tried Ontraport, Drip, and ActiveCampaign, and I find that Mailchimp is really the easiest platform to use when it comes to sending out email newsletters to clients. You can also integrate it with your Shopify website easily so that people can sign-up to your newsletter from your website's homepage. Check-out Mailchimp


Using PayPal is perfect for you if you want to start selling gift certificates online or receiving payments from overseas. Perhaps you have clients who book online sessions? Since we added gift certificates and PayPal on our website, our gift certificates sales have skyrocketed! Surprisingly, 90% of purchases come from everywhere around the world as the buyers buy for their loved ones in the city where we are located. Check out PayPal

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